A school delivering a language-based program for students grades 5-12 with complex profiles.

Virtual Information Sessions

Join us for a 45 minute overview of the program via Zoom on the following dates: 

  • Wed, 6/15 12:00 PM
  • Tues, 7/12 9:00 AM
  • Thurs, 7/21 12:30 PM

(more to come)

To register, email Korina Martin, Director of Admissions at kmartin@learningprep.org

Admissions Info

Welcome to Learning Prep School

Have you been looking for the right school for your child?

Has your student had difficulty fulfilling their potential at their current school because of their complex learning profile? Is your child eager to fit in and wants to be taught by a teacher who understands how they learn? Does your student lack the personalized attention they need to get ahead? If the answer is yes to any of these questions then we should talk about how we can help.

How does Learning Prep help?

Our individualized language-based program allows our students to make significant gains. Our learners are taught in a safe environment, in small classes, grouped by skill level, using direct teaching methods and individualized instruction. The deep integration of services in speech, counseling, and occupational therapy provides a uniquely collaborative approach.

What makes Learning Prep so great?

Compassionate and competent educators are the hallmark of the Learning Prep School experience. Our talented and dedicated staff with an average tenure of 9 years, is made up of certified and licensed educators, occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, certified counselors and transition coaches who are dedicated to providing the high-quality educational experience your child deserves.

Let’s get together and talk about your child, their needs, and how we can help them achieve their full potential.

Warm regards,

Korina Martin
Director of Admissions

Admissions Process:

Check out the steps you can expect to go through when applying to Learning Prep School.


The best first step is to attend a Virtual Information Session as it is the best way to learn more about our program and see if it may be a good fit for your child.


All application materials are submitted online through our Parent Portal, SchoolAdmin. The following must be received prior to determining your child’s appropriateness to the program:

  • Application
  • Student photo
  • Release of Information
  • Latest I.E.P.
  • Neuropsychological Evaluation
  • Speech and Language Evaluation
  • (If applicable) The last 3-year evaluation from your school district
  • (If applicable) Achievement Assessment
  • (If applicable) Assistive Technology Evaluation
  • (If applicable) Occupational Therapy Evaluation
  • 2 Teacher References
If it has been determined that Learning Prep may be able to meet your child's needs, we will schedule a virtual meet-and-greet to get to know your child.
After the interview, students may be invited for a 1-2 day virtual trial visit. This is an opportunity for your child to experience what it is like to be a Learning Prep student, as well as offer our staff the chance to get to know your child better.

After the trial visit is complete, feedback will be reviewed and an Admissions decision will be made regarding your child's acceptance status. If you chose to enroll, admission is rolling at Learning Prep School and accepts publicly and privately-funded families.

What's next?


If you want to get started and see if Learning Prep School can meet your child's needs

Request Info

If you want someone to reach out to you or if you'd like to RSVP for an Information Session

Reach out 

If you want to start the conversation ASAP and have specific questions.

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